Monday, March 8, 2010

What's Been Going on

We have been house hunting lately! It is so much fun to see different houses and get ideas for our future home that we will one day build. It'll be a few years, gotta get the hubby through residency first. But I already have my idea folder popping at the seam! In the meantime though finding the "perfect" neighborhood is hard! There are so many things to take into account now; like are there enough rooms to expand, good back yard, other kids in the neighborhood, safety... the list goes on and on.

Before we can actually buy something we have to wait and see where my husband will get into residency. We will know in 2 weeks and we are on our toes waiting. It is so nerve racking not knowing where we will be living for the next 5-7 years. My husband has applied to programs in our city, in other cities and in other states! My stomach is turning just thinking about it.

Michael's mom sold her house and bought another one so at the end of the month she will be moving. She is getting rid of everything inside her home so Michael and I are snatching things up left and right! So far we have scored her outdoor furniture, a pool table, weight equipment and a couch. The couch isn't for our living room though, it is for our next nursery. As of right now it is gold and blue velvet, lol but if we have a girl it will be pink and cream (if we have a boy I guess it will not get used!)

In a few weeks marks the year anniversary from when we found out that we were expecting. We are going to Dallas to celebrate the event! We were in Dallas last year visiting Michael's friends from SMU when we found out! His friend Annie also welcomed a baby so we get to meet her while we are up there.

This weekend my friend Stephanie is coming over to Michael's mom's house to take a few pictures of us outside in her backyard. We are hoping for pretty weather!

Kane LOVES tummy time with his surf board! Those cheeks can store a full 8 ounces!

Kane can't wait to go to the rodeo! Maybe next year!!
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  1. Precious pictures of Kane, he's a doll. Perfect mix of both mom & dad! How exciting to find out where y'all will be living-- a fun adventure for your fam! xoxo


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