Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I'm going to follow along with simple things in my life that I enjoy-

I love...

- when Kane first wakes up and he stretches his arms out and curls his little legs up

- when he falls asleep in my arms

- shopping for him and finding the "perfect" thing (which happens to be pretty much everyday bc I can't stop buying for him!

- Kane's giggles (he has a new laugh and I can't get enough of it!)

- crawling into bed when I'm so cold I can hardly stand it

- Saturday mornings curled up with my hubby and baby boy

- decorating, creating, planning, and being organized (I'm freakishly organized)

- seeing Michael playing with our son

- having brother/sister time just talking

- being able to give...just because

- being with family

- a glass of white wine (when I can drink again...March 22,2009 and counting)

- remembering the day I got married/ when Kane was born

- the smell of a new car

- getting a sweet txt message from my hubby

- MOST IMPORTANTLY being and wife and mommy

Kane shopping with mommy at Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores!)

Laughing at daddy, no he wasn't naked just playing in his diaper... just can't tell bc his fat rolls cover it up! HA!

Doesn't seem to be enjoying "airplane" as much as his daddy

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