Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 Month Doctor's Appointment

My husband and I have a weakness for food- especially Benihana's. It's kind of like "our place." We had our first date there, it's where we have celebrated many birthdays, the news that we were having a baby and the last place I ate at before checking into the hospital to be induced. We even have a favorite waiter- Louie. So it is very natural that our son has been there 4 times already in his little 6 month life. (We have obviously cut back on going) Last week we had an extra hour to kill before Kane's doctor appointment so we thought we would treat ourselves.

Here is Kane enjoying the show
Waiting for the doctor...
It cracks me up- each time we go to the doc Kane has a new fascination with the paper on the table. At first it was the crinkle sound, then it was grabbing it with his hands and last week he tore off a chunk the second we laid him down and he stuck it right in his mouth.

He did great at his 6 month check-up. 20.5 pounds and 28" long. He got 2 shots and though he did not cry after the first shot he was not happy after the second one!
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