Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Girl's Dinner (Plus Kane)

Last week Kane and I went out for a girls dinner. It was so much fun seeing Amberly and Kane interact. They are only 3 weeks apart and are bound to be best buds- at least until they think the other has cooties.

"Hey Kane how you doing? Great to see you again!!" I love their little faces!

Kane enjoyed some 1 on 1 time with Ms. Nikki

The 4 of us and the babes

K was trying to seduce Miss. Amberly but it ended up scaring her instead. Her mama got a great pic of her crying. Poor baby

Since that didn't work he called the balloon man over to make her a monkey. However that didn't work either. Little Kane needs to get some pointers for the next time he sees Amberly.

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  1. That was a fun!! We need a playdate again soon!


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