Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Month of Weddings!

This post is SUPER late but i wanted to blog about it because the 2 weddings we attended are very special to us! The pics are out of order and right now I'm being lazy and do not want to rearrange them! Sorry.

Do you ever take a picture and just say ugh!!? Well this is one of those but it's the only one I got of the 2 of us at Abby and Matt's wedding.

Here's my sweet man dancing with his mama. LOVE it!

The beautiful couple- Dr. Matt and Abby

Such a pretty wedding

Here is Kane chewing on dad's tie right before we left for the wedding.

This Kelly and Jason's wedding- BEAUTIFUL wedding for a beautiful couple!

Kelly dancing with her dad. Priceless

Love Kelly's face!!!!

Kelly and her dad again! She looks so happy!

The perfect couple- they have been dating since high school!!!

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