Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday/Godparents and Swimming

Last weekend we attended Paul's 30th birthday. It was fun and Kane got to hang out with a baby who is only a few days younger then him! While we were at the party we asked Aunt Abby and Uncle Matt to be Kane's Godparents. They were so excited and I know they will be the BEST Godparents ever!

Birthday boy Uncle Paul and Aunt Holly
Just the 3 of us
Smelling the Jasmine with Aunt Leslie
Just a few days apart

Aunt Abby and Uncle Matt! aka Kane's Godparents

Kane has been spending lots of time swimming. I got him a mini pool and he loves it. He figured out how to make the water splash and he cracks up!

Who's under there?
It's our little nugget!
Winston checking out the pool

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