Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome Home

All of us
learning to share with Amberly

Ambs learning to share with Kane

"Mmmmm her toy looks yummy!"

"I'll get you!"

Let the races begin!

Sweet babies, only 3 weeks apart

Kane tried to impress Ambs by sitting on her
She thought it was funny!

Future love birds??

Everybody wanted to help Kane put his pjs on

Good bye Ambs!!! I love you!

My little Texas angel supporting UT in his new home state. Poor baby has allergies that's why his eyes are swollen and red.

I totally forgot to blog about this in the last post- we have all survived our first earthquake. Well kind of, the other day there was an earthquake in Toronto and the aftershocks were felt here! Never even thought that was possible. Nice way for Ohio to welcome us!
It is so weird driving through town seeing what is not here that was in Houston. Most importantly NO SHIPLEY'S!! lol. Thank goodness for iphones because it has helped locate so many things and figure out what we will have to do without. Another big one is no Mexican food. Up here Chili is really big.
For the most part we really like it. The weather is perfect (as least during the summer) and it is so hilly and there are a lot of trees. The little towns around Cincinnati are very charming. Very old but taken care of. There are even candle-lit light posts around town. I can not wait to explore more!
We are already signed up at the local library for mommy- baby classes in July! I can not wait to meet more mommies around us!
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  1. What a great going away party group! That was a fun night! We already miss yall and Ambs wants to see Kane soon!


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