Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't sleep so I'll blog

Nothing brings me more joy...

These boys adore each other
A few things I have forgotten to blog about... Kane has mastered "da-da." As of now it is just babble but I swear when my precious son is crying it sounds like he is saying "ma-ma." He is getting too big too fast! I have planned his whole birthday party and I have his Halloween costumes down to 3, just need Michael's opinion.

Yesterday we went and picked up Michael's white coats. My husband very rarely gets giddy- he was giddy. I'm so happy for him, he is doing what he loves, what is in his blood. He is the 4th generation to become a doctor. (let me say that we will never pressure Kane to practice medicine, in fact Michael would prefer Kane to do something else:)

Him walking out with his new coats
YAY! I'm so proud!

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