Friday, July 2, 2010


Here in the Miranda house we try to explore our old toys and find new ways to play with them. For example, in the bath tub we use his rinse cups as watering cups. I'm trying to teach him how to fill one up then pour the water into the other one. Kane found another use for our moving boxes. I would open both sides up and he would crawl through them like a tunnel. Well the other day I saw Kane make a new game with his Exersaucer. He was crawling through the bottom of it. Once he reached the edge he would turn around and go back. I grabbed 1 picture before he became shy and stopped. This morning I saw him licking the sticker on the side of his Exersaucer. He was in love with the bright colors on it. Silly kid.

He is into everything now. He loves to crawl underneath things and squeeze into tight spots. I can not even tell you how many times he has gotten stuck. This kid is keeping his mommy busy!
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  1. LOL I have that same pic of Ambs! Funny babies!


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