Friday, July 2, 2010

tough day

today was quite possibly the hardest mom day I have had. Kane is trying to get over a cold- his poor little nose is a little sore I'm sure because I have to wipe it frequently so he doesn't rub his snot all over his face. (don't worry I'm putting Vaseline on it) We have had to do saline nose spray treatments to help release some of the gunk so now every time I lay him on his back to change his diaper he freaks out. He doesn't sleep well because he can't breath. Plus I think he is having a little separation anxiety. I could not walk out of his sight without him crying. Which made preparing meals and going potty very stressful! To help lighten the mood around here I made a tunnel using our furniture and blankets. It amused him the first 30 times we crawled through it but then he was done and back to being a sick baby. :(

sick baby having a little fun
look at that precious face

then he figured out how to tear down our fort
thirsty much?
mmmm- these are the BEST little treat. i think i enjoyed 3 today. whoops.
after a quick review of Meredith's blog I made my own t's for Kane
btw I'm not sure if any of you mamas are nick lachey fans- i love him- i love how he treated jessica on "the newly weds" and i think he looks like a great guy. i just want to squeeze his cheeks! back to my point- there are so many commercials up in Cincinnati that he is in and i could not figure out why i had never seen them in Houston. surprisingly my husband knew (he's one of those guys who knows lots of silly trivia) nick is from here! His brother still lives here, in fact he just had his 2nd baby at a Cincinnati hospital a few weeks ago (according to wiki) I love that!
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  1. so sorry your little guy is sick-- it's no fun and quite hard on mama too! LOVE the shirts you made for kane, great job! i may have to copy that anchor, too cute! hope sweet kane feels better soon. happy 4th miranda fam!

  2. awwww poor little man!!!! How's he feeling today? I hope better! xoxo

  3. The T-shirts you made are adorable! Any tips to share how you made them? Also boogie wipes I think that is what they are called work great for running noses.


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