Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fight. race. now.

i am loving christina applegate lately. what an inspiration to women who have had or have cancer. i love her baby bump and i don't think she has ever been more beautiful! she rocks!

i used to be a radiation therapist. treating cancer patients with radiation all day, 5 days a week. cancer was my life. i met so many beautiful people in the 3 years that i worked. to be honest i kind of miss it. i love being a stay at home mom but there is such a feeling of accomplishment doing that kind of work. you feel like you are making a difference, like you are helping your patients fight.

you typically have your patients for 5-8 weeks, 5 days a week with conventional therapy. they become friends. when they "ring the bell" at the end of their treatment and cry and tell you how much they appreciate you, it does something to you. it is a very humbling job. day in and day out. it teaches you to not take things for granted. what else really matters except life? your life, your friends life or your loved one's life? nothing.

as a student i was in the medical center. i treated kids. it was the most heartbreaking experience ever. but somehow i loved it. i loved showing them the machine and answering all their questions. trying to explain things on their level. making a difference in their lives. those precious babies. it's just not fair. i can not imagine- i hope and pray i never will. most of the time you did not know the outcome of their fight. i like it better that way. you treat them, they finish and lead a very happy, healthy life. just like it's supposed to be.

my co-workers and i would walk in the susan g komen "race for the cure" every year and even though im not working anymore i plan to do it this year. kane and i will join and will walk for all survivors and everyone who lost their fight. michael will probably kill me but i'm ordering kane a pink shirt. something that says "peace. love. cure." or "love. race. cure." i'm still undecided but come september 25 we will be there. that's all that matters! so look up the race date in your area and sign up!

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