Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mama's curlers

kane is obsessed with our bathroom. i'm not sure why, maybe because it's the unknown to him. we never let him in there. i think it's gross. well this morning he woke up early while i was trying to get ready for the day so let him play by my feet. (i had just cleaned the bathroom the night before) i opened up my drawer and let him grab anything and everything his little heart desired. anything to hold his attention for more then 5 seconds is like gold to me. he kept on going for my velcro rollers. at first i kept taking them away because he was trying to suck on them but then i had an idea.... :)
caught on camera buddy! these will come back to haunt you!

rockin' his boxers from amberly's mimi

i have a feeling michael is not going to be happy. pink shirt AND curlers in 1 day?

on a side note- need a new chicken dinner idea?
try this. my hubby could survive on oriental food but with his busy schedule we don't have much time to go out to eat. i found this at kroger a few weeks ago and we both love it!
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  1. Jackson does the same thing in my bathroom. He LOVES my curlers and my brush!

  2. LOVE THIS and those boxers, I forgot she made him those!

  3. OH! Those pictures are priceless and so, so precious! Have you seen the meals that P.F. Changs has in the grocery now? I really want to try them..they look so good!

  4. Too cute! We have a garden tub in our bathroom and sometimes after I clean it, I will put Avery in it with toys. Great way to keep her contained and out of the cabinets. We just put locks because it was crazy how much she would pull out.


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