Thursday, July 29, 2010

our day

today kane slept in till 9:00. which means i got to sleep in until 9:00. love that. while he was eating i finished up a little project i started last night.

i think it turned out nice considering it was $14 at hobby lobby and i didn't spend a lot of time on it. it was just a test run to see if it will work for his birthday party. i think i will do one but it will be green and white. it will be "kane's club house" or my husbands idea, "kane's caddy shack." i will make it look nicer though and it will have more detail on it.

we got kane this toy this past weekend. i have demonstrated that the ball goes in the hoop and not your mouth so many times i've gotten really good. so good that michael and i had a little match last night and i beat him! lol

this morning while i was trying to get ready i stuck kane in the bath tub to play. little did i know he was working on a little surprise for me. yep, he pooped in the bath. i did get a picture but i'll spare you.
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  1. love the playhouse, I wish I was create like that!

    Jackson has the same sport toy and he loves it. His favorite thing is to dance to the music when you turn the basketball goal on.

    Yikes, poop in the tub! I haven't experienced that one...yet!


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