Thursday, July 29, 2010

putting baby to sleep

my hubs worked a very long day today, 5:15am - 8pm to be exact. i had dinner ready and cupcakes in the oven. he enjoyed kane for a while before kane was begging to go to bed. so michael being the sweet husband he is, said i'll go put him in his crib. 10 minutes later he still wasn't back. when i went looking for him i found this...

michael loves to snuggle with kane. he is not helping with this whole "lay him in bed and let him fall asleep" thing. but how can i argue with this. this daddy craves his baby time all day. so if your following my blog in 2 years and i'm complaining that i have a toddler sleeping with us you'll know where it came from. i have tried.
by the way. those cupcakes i made. not so good. they were the mango ones and not sure if it was the recipe or the cook but the cake tasted like flour and the frosting tasted like sugar. i'll try the banana ones tomorrow. hopefully i'll have more luck. nothing is worse then craving smtg your making and it turn out bad. yuck.
have you ever had one of those annoying neighbors? well we do. and i'm sorry to say but he's a kid. EVERY TIME i come home he is outside riding his bike and he gets so close to my car he basically hits it. then he sits and stares at me while i'm getting out. so creepy!!! he saw Michael in his scrubs today and asked him if he worked at a grocery store!!??? is this kid kidding? then he asked me if i was ever going to have a girl. ummm, i dunno, i hope so but that's in God's hands buddy.
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  1. bummer that the cupcakes were no good.

    I totally understand the toddler in bed predicament... when Kevin was traveling like crazy, we did the same things. And you know what, I think it's GREAT! Kane and Carson won't be sleeping between us when they are 13! :) It's a precious moment now...

    P.S. super cute house you made today! I made a ghetto cardboard version myself. Ha!

  2. I love cuddling with Jackson in our bed. Some nights I wish he would sleep with us. Unless he's sick, he wants his own space. So, enjoy it while it lasts!

    We have two sets of annoying neighbors. Once the girl next store got in my backseat when I got home from work. I had only met her once before. She demanded that I take her to the park, wtf?!? It took a lot of convincing to get her out of my car and to go home. Now we have to keep the garage door closed and doors locked. Her parents let her roam free, and she's only 4.

    We have another house that thinks they are a frat house. I could go on for days about them...but instead we're looking for a new house!

    Hope you have better luck with the cupcakes tomorrow! :)


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