Friday, July 30, 2010

all aboard

i made kane a yummy train pancake this morning! i got the go ahead from his doc (for the eggs) so away i cooked. he seemed to really like it! hopefully they get prettier as i make them. it will be fun to decorate them when he gets older.

excuse the mess. i gave him banana while i was making his pancake. kid LOVES bananas!! can you blame him?

after i posted about my CrAzY neighbor i realized i didn't state his age. he is 14!!! at 14 you should know better. he asked me today if i lightened my hair and if i had any sisters. so random. i can not wait for school to start. i did ask him when it will and he asked "why, is your son going to kindergarten?" what? come on dude. like i said, at 14 he should know.

i think i mentioned this before but kane loves running around the leather ottomans that we have. its hilarious. we play chase around them and peek-a-boo. i got some great shots of him today playing peek-a-boo. he is such a smart stinker. if i don't pop up and say peek-a-boo he ducks down and looks for me under the ottomans.

i made these cupcakes today.

they took forever! but are really yummy. i highly recommend. i think i'll give the mango ones another shot but with store bought batter. that sounds good to me. one little trick my step-mom told me was if you want flavor cake or cup cakes add fruit juice instead of water to mixture. so yummy! for instance one of my favs is orange/pineapple cake. you blend up canned o and p and add it to the mixture and put in the juice from the cans instead of water. for icing use cool whip and more blended fruit. sooo refreshing. i would make it but my hubby doesn't like it. the whole cake would end up in my tummy or wasted.
i took kane to gymboree today. it was fun. not crazy fun.
for the second day in a row kane took a 3 hour nap. 1 nap. that's it. is this a new thing? although i appreciate the lengthy nap, i like 2. 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. i guess this is not up to me.
just in case you wonder what 3 hour nap hair looks like. didn't chandler on friends sport this hair in the 80's? the eagle or something??

totally out of control
speaking of hair. michael and i have gotten to the point where we need to decide what "hair style" we want kane to have. do they make a book for this? his hair is getting so long around his ears it needs a trim soon. mohawks are fun but for everyday? i vote no. and i'm not a fan of a bowl cut or a shaved head. decisions, decisions.
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  1. can you come bake at my house?!?

    we're having the same hair debate at our house these days. I think a new do is in Jackson's near future!


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