Monday, August 2, 2010

kane's 2 steppin'

kane has taken first first steps!!! actually many times he has taken 2 or 3 steps by himself! he is only 8 months old! until next monday anyways. craziness!! we have been practicing to increase that but so far all i can get is 3. i have a million videos of it. i just need to go through them and pick the best 1 then i'll post it. my baby will be walking in no time.

that means i can get him these soon!!!

i have been eyeing these bad boys since we moved. he is a texas baby and i'm not going to let him forget it. HA! michael thinks i'm crazy.

he has also started this new thing where he chews his finger. it's always on his back right side so i'm assuming there is another tooth coming in?? and he is saying "a mmmmmmmmmm" all day. he has been saying dada for almost 2 months now. it's time for mama!!

my poor hubs had a presentation due yesterday and as he was finishing the power went out!!! it was out for about 2 hours so my hubs went to bed and said he would get up extra early and finish. when the power finally came back on i decided to go ahead and wake him to make sure everything was ok with it. well...... it was gone!!!!!!! he had worked hours on it and it was 11:30 at night. he has to get up at 4:30. the file was apparently corrupted. he said as the lights flickered he clicked save (he had been pressing save all along but just to make sure he did it 1 more time) but something happened. i felt like crying for him. he was devastated. so he was up until about 1:30 re-doing it.

kane and i went to old navy the other day and i "splurged" on this cute orange scarf and i got this for v-day pancakes because it was $2. can't beat a good deal. i also got a little tee for me. im loving stripes right now. especially navy and white stripes.

gotta love that chubby little hand. i don't think this kid will ever have true wrists!

when we went to the library last week i picked up a book. so old school. i have not checked out a book (for pure enjoyment) since i was probably 10. i got sTORI TELLING. it's really good actually. i just finished it and i'm on the waiting list for a few other books. LOL this is fun and so much cheaper!

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  1. YAY! GO Kane! Ambs just stood by herself for like 5 seconds yesterday! lol


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