Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i'm very frustrated. michael and i have been trying to upload the videos of kane walking and it's not working. we have done it before it's just not working now. grrrrrr. just take my word for it. he is getting better everyday. it's amazing. my baby is becoming a toddler right before my eyes. eeeeek!!

so what did we do today? we went and had kane's foot measured. he may not need shoes today or tomorrow but he will in a few weeks. i just wanted an idea. the lady said "wow! he is a size 5. he has a big foot for a 1 year old." maybe that's why his baptism shoes didn't fit. i may have to return his snow and rain boots. i got a size 6 and 7 but depending on how fast his feet grow they may be too small. thank goodness for free returns. love them.

today kane decided to destroy his books. i found him tearing a page out of his favorite book.

then it occurred to me- he ripped the page out that covers the mirror. lol he wanted easy access to look at himself. stinker. (it's a peek-a-boo book where you have to lift the covers)

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  1. Try uploading the video to and then embedding it on the blog. Hope that helps!

  2. Carson did the EXACT same thing to the EXACT same book. Funny boys!

  3. so funny! Amberly ripped the front cover off one of her books today too! Nothing is safe anymore! We miss you guys!


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