Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kane is officially a "bird"- we joined the little gym and our first class is next Tuesday. They said because he is pretty much standing on his own they bumped us up into the 10-18 month class. We also have our first library class on Wednesday. I'm excited to get out and socialize with Kane.

kane got a special package the other day from my step-mom. She made him this cute little shirt

the front
the back
the other day when kane and i were on our morning walk we saw a deer across the street from where we live. there is an apple tree and it was up on its hind legs eating out of the tree. i can not believe how close it let us get- this pic was taken with my phone and it does not zoom so you can only imagine how close we were.

kane has been doing so many news things this past week. he gives us kisses (mouth WIDE open) and all 4 of his top teeth have popped through now! I made him chicken with my food processor and i just about made myself sick. i may have to buy his meat food. i can not bare to blend chicken and turkey into a thick liquid. Seriously it makes my stomach turn.
we have 2 leather ottomans in our living room and kane runs around them. it is so amazing how fast he is. i have been trying to get him to take a step but he is not quite ready.
sometimes he tries to get a hold of picture frames that i have out and when i tell him "no" he stops, turns around and looks at me and starts pouting. it is the most adorable face ever.
wow i'm rambling...

i converted his exersaucer today and it's like kane has rediscovered the toys on it. i could not pull him away from the "red, yellow and blue...." iguana. Joy

when michael was on call a few nights ago (he has to stay at the hospital when he is on call) kane and i made him dinner and took it to him. i think i prepared a little too much (rosemary pork chops, rice, olive oil and vinegar salad with avocados, spaghetti with french bread, cookies and yummy pomegranate candies to be exact.) I worked a few nights at my old job and i would eat ALL night to stay awake so i was trying to help. kane decided to make his daddy a little love note to stick in too. michael said he kept it in his pocket all night- such a sweet daddy!

why am i obsessed with these for kane?? i think puffy vests are such a cute item for winter!

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  1. I love that puffer vest! Where's it from?

  2. Puff vests are a staple in my wardrobe in the fall/winter. I can't wait to get one for my little guy as well.


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