Thursday, July 22, 2010

such a boy

do i even need a caption?

and 2 seconds later he was done with me-back to what he was doing. notice his left hand on his belly. lol

i also discovered he has figured out how to not only take off his pj shorts/pants but also his diaper- let the fun begin! do they still make the pants that snap to shirts? ha i remember my baby sister (she's 20) had those pjs.
speaking of pjs- it's no secret i'm obsessed with the brand zutano. i think kane has had 30 items since he was born. months ago i swear i bought every item in their spring line and i have been waiting for their new collection to come out... well it's coming august 1!!! i found out their whole warehouse burned to the ground and they lost everything so they had to start over. i can't wait to see all the cute new stuff!
also on a pj note... i have been searching for the old man style of pjs for kane. the button down collar shirt and pants kind. i think those would be so cute on a little boy- monogrammed of course. especially for Christmas eve. let the search continue.
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  1. I love that you are not working because you get to blog so much!!! That is awesome. I have really fallen down. I haven't even posted 4th of July yet. Anyway, a friend of mine from MSLH gave me four pairs of her daughter's snap pjs, and we love them. Though, Avery doesn't pull hers off, her torso is long so her shirts ride up all the time and won't sleep with a blanket. Hope all is well!! Take care!


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