Thursday, July 22, 2010

i love my hubby

my sweet hubby has been working so many long hours i feel like we never get to see him. i don't know if it's the long hours and lack of sleep but he has me in giggles all the time. the other night when i was briefly encouraged to work-out my hubs said one of the funniest things. granted he was asleep when i ran into our room and woke him up to ask about getting a gym membership. his response was "i'll write the order tomorrow, just remind me." write the order? poor thing.

then last night i was asking for his help in coming up for a slogan for kane's 2nd birthday party. i already have the 1st party planned and i know that i want a superhero party for his 2nd, so why not brainstorm now? he looked at me like i was crazy so i gave him an example, "2 infinity and beyond." his golden idea was "2 legit to quit." i swear- men! never a dull moment around here!

we are super excited to spend the WHOLE weekend together! even though he is technically off on the weekends the way the call schedule works there is only 1 weekend every so often that he gets both days off. pure joy. kane and i are going to soak it up.

here is a walk down memory lane...

when we became us
then there was baby
such a great husband, friend, provider

and you were put on this earth to be a father. i am so amazed of your love for our son
my two angels taking their first nap together (those chubby little cheeks make me laugh)
one of my favs

and his fav
i love and appreciate everything you do for us.
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