Friday, July 9, 2010

i'm going to build it all!!!

i do not know what the deal is but i am so into tents and build-it-yourself kids playhouses! design dazzle featured mr mcgroovy and his box rivets yesterday and i can not wait to build some of these for kane and future kiddos. they are made from boxes that you paint! love that!

here are a couple pictures for other ones he offers

he sells the rivets to put them together along with the building plans. he tells you how many boxes you need and what sizes. simply incredible. how easy is this craft? what a fun idea for a kids birthday party or a game room!

in addition to those i found these tents on etsy. you put them over a card table and let your kids imagination go wild! she has so many different styles and can custom make one for you.

also i think i'm crazy- actually i know i'm crazy. i ran into target the other day to pick up an orange polo for kane and found these. i could have just walked on but no! i had to buy them. they are at target for a limited time only so i could not pass them up! my hubby doesn't know- i hope he doesn't read this :) they also had baby blue and purple. i wanted them all but knew i could not get them all! they also have bibs, blankets and towels. in fact i did get kane the orange towel. i love it! it is a huge hooded towel. i should go back and buy 5 more because he is outgrowing his infant towels but does not seem quite ready for a big person towel. why did i get 2 boy colors? did i just answer my own question to what baby #2 will be? i did not even notice that i did that until i got home! i figured if i never have a girl or a boy again i can always give them as presents. no- i'm not pregnant, just planning ahead.

we went to Gap on wednesday and took advantage of their 40% off sale. we got kane 2 pairs of jeans for the winter. A few weeks ago Gap gave me coupons for 40% every wednesday the month of july. the dark pair are skinny jeans so his little boots will fit right over them- or i can cuff them up! maybe next week i will get him a regular pair! I love me some baby gap!!!

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  1. Are you preggo again?? How is Ohio? Miss seeing your smiling face.


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