Thursday, July 8, 2010

wow! 8 months!

today you are 8 months old!
i say this every month but man have you changed! we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio 3 weeks ago and you were a great little traveler! you and i drove 17 hours while dad was behind us in the moving truck. i was dreading the trip but you never cried once! You got sick our 2nd week here and what we first thought were allergies ended up being you teething. You are cutting your third tooth right now. besides having a runny nose you did not have any other symptoms.

you are in size 4 diaper
you are eating 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks (banana or avocado)
you have tried pasta and love it- in a couple weeks we are going to introduce chicken and turkey- dad is SUPER excited about that!
every time we eat you think you should eat (our food)
you HATE being in your walker, exersaucer and jumperoo now
you are crawling every where.
you can stand by yourself for a few seconds, although you have no idea what your doing when you do it
you usually stand holding on with only 1 hand (your probably being standing by yourself this month)
you are wearing 12 month clothes
we had your foot measured and we think your about a 4 (you kept your toes scrunched)
you talk non-stop ya-ya-ba-ba
you say da-da and sometimes a ma-ma (it's probably just babble but we are counting it!)
like i mentioned earlier you now have 3 teeth (we can see 3 other ones on top but they have not broken through yet)
you walk around the living room with your push toy all day
for some reason you are obsessed with the kitchen and bathroom- i'm assuming because we never let you go in there!
you love reading books
you crawl under and over just about every thing
you get yourself stuck in between things- i have to come to your rescue
you are truly a JOY in our lives! we love you more and more every day!

this is the best i could get- you won't hold still long enough for me to get a picture

erin- nope i'm not preg! just got them for the next baby!
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