Sunday, August 29, 2010

ault park 1

lots of people had been telling us to check out a park in downtown cincinnati so we decided to do it yesterday. wow!!!!! is all i have to say. the park was beyond amazing!!! it was huge, wooded and overlooked the city. a photographers dream!! i tried to get some shots of kane for some of his birthday items but he made it almost impossible. i'm thinking i took too many pictures of him as a small baby and he is just fed up because he refuses to look at me when i have a camera in my hands. i make all kinds of noises, have michael stand behind me, use toys, food, etc.... but nothing works. we may have to go back once a week until i have to have my order in for these items. i won't mind though bc the park is so pretty!

taking in the view
my loves
so pretty

not sure what's going on with his hair. looks like the wave
"keep my eye on what dad?"

"oh, keep my eye on the ball? this isn't fun!"
"i'm outta here! this golf game is lame!"

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