Sunday, August 29, 2010

taste of tex-mex

saturday after michael got off work we headed out to run a few errands and have lunch. we decided to try out a mexican food restaurant that is right around the corner. we shared fajitas - kind of impossible to mess those up. we were cracking up over the menu- they have steak and ribs! lol not exactly what you would find in texas. the good news is that we are both alive today so i guess the food wasn't that bad.
we decided to give kane a taste of tex-mex to help him remember his roots. just a fajita. he was so funny with it. when i tried to hand him a piece he wanted nothing to do with it. he didn't like the way it felt in his hands. lol after tasting a small bite he changed his mind and munched on it throughout lunch.

kane ALWAYS does this. no matter where we go he always has to look up at the ceiling! it is the funniest thing. does he have a roofing career like his papaw?!! (my dad)

guac face
"what mom? i'm just eating guacamole- why do you always have to take my pic?"

yesterday was michael's dads birthday. we wish we could of celebrated with michael's family who volunteered for the TK foundation in his honor but since we couldn't we celebrated him by spending the day with our son, his grandson. happy birthday grandpa victor!!
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  1. He is such a cutie! Isn't it weird that once you get used to good Mexican, it is always hard to find elsewhere? I have friends in Denver who, after living there for several years, have given up on searching for great Mexican food!


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