Friday, August 27, 2010


a while back i got kane monster slippers. i have been waiting for him to become a better walker before i pulled them out and last night seemed perfect!

checking out his new furry feet

what a scary looking monster!!!

watch out! he's a hungry one!

going back to try and escape his dungeon! lol (i created a "wall" so he can't roam freely and he has escaped more then a few times. this mama needs to think of something else.

i'm trying to talk michael into wearing this shirt with me for kane's par-tee. (i know i'm obnoxious)
so far i've had no luck. i know it's a little overboard but i remember christina aguilera and her hubs or maybe it was tori spelling and dean wearing personalized football tees for their kids first birthday and it was so cute! they said "-----'s (i don't remember) mom" with the number 01 under it. we'll see. wish me luck. at this point i would even go with matching green polos. not exactly a fashion statement but then we could wear these.
Kane's Lulu (michael's mom) is coming in a few weeks for a much needed visit! we are so excited to see her and show her around. i can't wait for her to see kane. he has changed so much since we left texas 2 1/2 months ago. while she's here we plan on going to the zoo and picking out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. i can't believe fall is almost here!
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