Thursday, August 26, 2010

guess what???

i'm going to be a little bit of a tease today and show you bits and pieces of some things i got for kane's PAR-TEE. i will unveil these ideas as i go.

not what you think- but close

so excited for this!!!
and this!
i will go ahead and explain this- these are cloth napkins!! LOVE the idea of cloth napkins for a party. i think it's a great touch as long as they don't cost lots!
Flankie - Golfer's Fancy - Medium - Set of 5

maybe my favorite idea!!! oh i want to tell but not yet! :)

oh and i ordered these
50 striped paper straws - green/white

michael and i made our flight reservations to go home!!!! talk about a CRAZY schedule- we arrive at 1:37 on saturday, have a wedding at 3 and a reception at 5:30. keep in mind we will have to rent a car, drop off kane and dress all before the wedding. we have to put together and paint his golf cart rocker, set up for his party (which should count as 10 things), i have to paint a million other things, pick up 2 cakes, chick-fil-a, go to the store, go to garden ridge, hobby lobby,home depot, go by and pick up some things from my sis-in-law and pick up a very important surprise- all before his party on sunday at 4ish? chick-fil-a and hobby lobby HAVE to be done on sat bc they are not open on sunday. keep in mind things do not open on sunday until 12. oh and we have to get ready. i'm sure i will have to revisit all those places a few times bc i will forget to grab something. then monday we have to visit 10,000 people and do pics with my precious friend stephanie. tuesday we have professional pics scheduled and wed we leave. i'm exhausted already. but sooo excited!

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