Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mish mash

guess where we went yesterday!!!??? to ballard designs and the frontline outlet!!! i was on the ballard designs website the other day and i saw "locations" so i clicked on it. i had no idea they had stores! well much to my surprise 1 is 15-20 away from me! they had very cool things! ballard had lots of things from their catalog- so cool to see it in person! they were both unpacking christmas stuff so it will be neat to go back there in a month or so and check things out again.

how lovely is this little number? there was a whole outdoor set for 75% off. too bad we don't need it.
i got kane a golf club at garden ridge yesterday. $8 on sale for 1.57! can't beat that! michael was trying to show him he needs 1 ball and 1 club to play- not 2 balls like he was doing!

he loves to bang them together
kane pushing the ball

and after chelsea showed off the wreath she was creating i called her and told her "i made one too!" lol these parties are going to be similar even though we don't talk about them much. it will be fun to see what she has done for amberly. kane's party has been planned since ~ may/june. lol is that normal for the 1st birthday? 5-6 months early? i have had my eye on SOOOO many things at hobby lobby but i am waiting until they go on 50% sale. week after week i wake up sunday mornings to check on their website and am disappointed time after time. ugh. i have a while before his party so i figure i might as well wait so my next born child doesn't go to hobby lobby as payment. lol

it's not done yet. i need white in there and i need to paint the "K" and maybe glue tees to it. i love it and i think it turned out great. my own little creation!

i really want to order kane these for his party

i think michael and i have decided to serve chick-fil-a at his party. YUMMY!!!! i can not wait! kane got a hold of the menu- he thinks they are yummy too!

last night before bed it occurred to me.... halloween... my brothers costume made by my grandma!!! after putting a call into her i am totally bummed. my brother was bam bam his first halloween, a bat his second and a alligator his third. which one do i want? the alligator!! it will be HUGE though! the other two costumes won't be warm enough for ohio. she is going to try and take it in but i'm not sure it will be enough. i wish i could make kane's 1st costume. i think it would be so special. grrrrrrr.

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