Thursday, August 5, 2010

more footage

last night michael and i got more footage of kane walking. he has improved so much! he is crawling less today, instead he will stretch his little arms as far as he can and step towards things. please excuse the clothes on the chair- i need to iron michael's stuff. i am one of those weird people who loves to iron! i'm not kidding. please excuse me as well- i look a little funky.

we had spaghetti last night for dinner and i gave kane some noodles. he loved them- the ones he could get into his mouth. they kept on slipping right through his hands as he went to take a bite. poor baby. i bought some grapes yesterday so i'm excited to let him try those too. don't worry mamas- i'll cut them into 4ths so he can't choke. i'm also wondering if i should freeze some and put them in his teething net. frozen grapes are the BEST!! i love that we can explore more with food now that he has more teeth.

spaghetti and banana, yum. he loves bananas- half kid, half monkey.

you know it's shark week when you find this...

kane loves me. not a doubt in my mind but the second michael walks through the door kane is glued to him. he may love me but he sure is a daddy's boy. poor michael can never get anything done at home because k has to literally be touching michael at all times. it's the most adorable thing i have ever seen.

kane got hurt last night showing off his new walking skills. we are not quite sure how it happened even though michael and i were both arms length away from kane. he fell, started to cry and when i went to pick him up i noticed blood on his finger. gasp!!! this is the first time he has ever bled! my heart broke. it was only his cuticle so the crying didn't last long. of course i had to get a picture after we cleaned him up.

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