Friday, August 6, 2010


after seeing the adorable pictures on this blog i have decided that for baby 2 i want candid shots. i love how these are not posed pictures. they are just a mommy going about her day capturing real moments with her two precious babies.

Know anybody who has a little girl on the way? i came across this precious dress online for $20.00 + 10.00 for monogramming!!!! that's amazing! its usually $60. but there's a catch- the only size that's on sale is 0-3 months.

Light Pink Monogrammed Dress - Sale on 0-3months size

go here if you want it!

nothing else is really going on. kane is getting to be a really good walker. it's amazing how much better he gets everyday. when we went out today i noticed he wanted out of his stroller. yikes! does he already want to walk on his own in public? i may have to look into getting kane shoes sooner then i thought. i realize i need to get practical shoes rather then the ones i think are the cutest. for right now at least.

we have a restoration hardware in our mall and it made the itch to redo EVERYTHING so much worse. i have always loved their catalogs but to be in the store was like adding salt to a wound. LOL. one of my FAVORITE rooms is this dining room. i love the light fixtures and chairs. the table is pretty too but i have my eyes set on another, at least for now.

i want it. i need it.

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  1. wow! those pictures are beyond amazing! so precious to capture everyday moments!

  2. I love that idea for pics! So cute!


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