Sunday, August 8, 2010

i see your hiney

"i see your hiney
it's nice and shiny
it makes me giggle
to see it wiggle"

i had mentioned before that kane was able to take off his diaper- especially when that's all he has on! after dinner he was a mess so i stripped him down until bath time.

and this is what happened

and it's off
looks like he has a bigger butt then his mama-which is a good thing!!

my nieces are about to start school so i decided to get them some going back to school goodies. i miss them so much! my middle niece, kylie will be starting kindergarten this year which is insane to me! i wish i could be there on her big day.

the dresses were on clearance at target and i thought they could wear them when they got home. (they really are cute, the pics don't do them justice) i got them raspberry hand sanitizer to put in their backpacks! lol and what girl doesn't love candy necklaces?! gotta love target and their dollar section!
i got kane a sippy cup with a straw because i want him to be off of bottles by the time he is 1. we have been practicing with a straw but somehow he wasn't getting the concept with his new cup.
you can tell by his expression that he is biting the heck out of the straw!

wrong way buddy!

tomorrow we go to a new dr. for kane's 9 month check up!! i hope we like her!
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