Sunday, August 8, 2010

kane, you are 9 months!!

today you are 9 months old!

you are WALKING!!!
you love playing peek-a-boo and chase
you have an obsession with bananas
you have eaten pancakes, grapes and yogurt this month- all a success
your still in size 4 diapers
you sometimes only nap once a day, but it's for 3 hours!
you climb on anything and everything
you say mama (sometimes) and dada all the time
you know the word "no"
you love when i read to you but you like eating your books more
you also like drinking water in a sippy cup

daddy had to help you stand because the yard was too uneven
ahhh, a sticker
trying to stuff it in your mouth- notice that belly hanging over

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  1. omg, 9 months and walking!!! so exciting, he's just precious:)


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