Monday, August 9, 2010

sleepy monday- tuesday not so much

yesterday kane woke up at 10:30!!! i would have woken him up but i slept until 10:15 myself. i can not tell you the last time i slept that late!! my baby must be growing like a weed getting all that sleep. we actually had a 9 month check-up today but we didn't get our new insurance cards yet so they told us to reschedule! boo. i was so excited to meet his new doctor. now we have to wait 3 1/2 weeks.

***today kane woke up at 7:15 and it's 11:50 and despite my best efforts you still have not taken a nap. guess your getting me back for yesterday. ***

i have been researching shoes for kane and decided on Pediped. i'd really rather get him another brand but i know how important the first pair is. plus, they grow with your baby. i'm torn on what color i want though. my hubs voted for the navy and orange ones. i think he was just trying to win some points with me. i'm worried that they won't go with enough things. i'm thinking the brown ones or the white ones. i know the white ones aren't ideal for fall but i just love them!!! the new navy ones are cute too. btw endless has them on sale with free shipping!

we went yesterday and painted a cake plate for kane's birthday bash. it was so much fun! i can not wait to go back and paint an orange one! i'll have to think of a reason why i need an orange one first. hmmm..... halloween???!!! of course, if we wait until next month we can get it without paying for the paint.

here are a couple pics of kane taking a bubble bath!

little ham
and thanks to bloodhounds and baby boys and meredith because now i WANT this for a small infant i do not have, this, this and this. if you want anything from 77 kids use this code 34532276 and get 15% off.

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  1. You will be so glad you decided on Pedipeds... they are WONDERFUL shoes and really wear well with a rough and tumble boy. Carson has had dozens of pairs!

    Don't you just LOVE the new 77 line? Finally another cute boy line.

  2. 10:30! My goodness! That would be wonderful! Ambs slept til 8 Monday and I was in Heaven!

  3. Can't wait to see what you get from 77kids! I can't believe Kane is already walking- what a big boy!

  4. Meredith is so right, you will love the pedipeds. I can't wait for this fall to get some more. Right now it's so stinking hot, we'll all been barefoot:)


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