Tuesday, August 10, 2010

brush and brush and brush your teeth

i made kane his first dentist appointment! they told me we could start using toothpaste with fluoride- yikes! they said just the size of a grain of rice so it won't hurt him if/when he swallows it. guess we will try it!

today i tried on kane's orange boots and i got a kick out of his reaction. first of all he tried to bend over and stick them in his mouth then he was doing the army crawl to get around.

look at that hip action
"mom! what are these things?" his hair is so long around his ears.
i was browsing the internet and found this shirt! i love it! my dad would have loved it! he could eat any cookie any time of the day. we used to joke that he ate more cookies than the cookie monster. too bad its $58.

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  1. I love his little boots - the "hip action" cracked me up!

  2. hey mama-- a few weeks ago you posted about an orange puffy vest-- where did you find it? I want to get one for Carson & Slade for when we go skiing. xoxo


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