Thursday, August 12, 2010

bye bye paci

kane is almost paci free. he has given it up on his own. he used to only have it while he slept but now it's very rare for him to even take it. that makes this mommy so happy!!

the other day i took him to the library to pick up some more books (for me) and i let kane play for a while. i'm such a nerd, i know.

he went crazy for this toy- look at the concentration

he didn't quite understand why he couldn't pull that piece off

little baby needs his shoes- if only monday would hurry up!
such a boy. already into trains. can't wait to get him his first train set. he got his first thomas the train for easter- now he just needs the other 500 pieces.

baby daddy nap time. kane's head was originally on michael's bum. he fights so hard to not fall asleep that when he FINALLY runs out of juice he just collapses. even if it's on dad's back side.

i posted about a style of pictures that i like and i'm so excited to say that my friend stephanie from high school is going to come over and take some when we are in town for kane's birthday. she took some when kane was younger- she did a fantastic job but he wasn't into it. he refused to look up so she could get good shot, little toot. stephanie is the mommy to the most adorable little boy and girl with another boy on the way! she is so sweet to take time out to do this for me!
i'm still up in the air about who i want to take his 1 year photos. i need to hurry and make a decision!
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  1. I love the daddy and kane sleepy pic, precious!

  2. awww you are so sweet. I'm so excited to take your pics again!

    I love that pic of Kane and his daddy asleep! Super cute!!

    You're so lucky that Kane is giving up his paci on his own. I'm so scared of how I'm ever going to break Bella from her paci's. She carries one in her hand and has another in her mouth.I hope my next is a thumb sucker like Brad. lol. At least a 5 year old thumb sucker looks less silly than a 5 year old that sucks on a paci. haha! I think I'll try to break her of it when she turns 2. :(


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