Saturday, August 14, 2010

children's museum

we got kane's pedipeds on friday and they don't fit!!! they are size 21 and they told me they would fit a 5.5-6.5. i took out the insert and had him step on them to check for size and not only were his toes past the black line but they were off of the insert. ugh. i took him to nordstrom (they have a big kid shoe dept) and they said his left foot is larger then a 5. it did not even occur to me to have them measure BOTH feet (nor did it occur to the 2 different people that measured his feet prior to this.) next time i will remember! although, the shoes should have fit anyways. we are sending them back for 22s. btw they are so adorable! i love them. i wish we could get them in every color!

thank you for all the sweet comments regarding kane's 1st halloween costume. i'm thinking i'll have to order the lion. michael doesn't like it though. oh well. this halloween his vote doesn't matter. ha! funny story... i used to babysit for 3 boys and when the youngest was 2 he kept on telling his mom he wanted to be dora for halloween, not diego. so she ordered him a dora costume. needless to say he was the cutest dora EVER!!! lol- i'm sure toby will not appreciate this later in life. haha!

we took kane to the children's museum today and he had so much fun! he was so excited to touch and see everything. made my heart melt seeing how big my little boy has gotten. he was walking with all the older kids and he thought he was so cool.

playing peek-a-boo with mama
daddy spelled out his name

"hey dad, where did you come from??!!!" look at that excitement! this boy LOVES his daddy
"beep beep- watch out mom!"
angel face
best buds
he has a new noise. it sounds kind of like he is going to hock a loogie but with no loogie. such a sweet sound. not.

i think these are so cute!!! i'm thinking i'll have to order, they are only $7. (the whole thing is a cupcake!)

and i found these!!!

Jungle Pancake Molds, Set...
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