Monday, August 16, 2010

kane's future playroom

first of all i'm sorry everything is links! my blog is acting so weird and halloween pics kept on popping up when i put pics on the blog. so annoying!

i already have kane's game room designed for when move to a larger home. right now it is not necessary but soon it will be. he toys are taking over!! i want him to have a fun room where he can go and play without cramping his bedroom style.

lets start with the couch... both from ikea!

i love the look of a white couch because you can transform it by adding new pillows and throws. but i am also in love with the orange couch.

if we got the white couch i would accessorize it with these super cool pillows so they could tie in with this chic ottoman. also from ikea!! i have never gotten anything from ikea but by the prices im assuming the items won't last forever- but hey, it is for a kids playroom. i wouldn't expect anything to last.

if we got the orange couch we could still use these pillows by just switching out the colors. is it bad that i want every pillow on this website? i am addicted to pillows. i think my hubs wants to send me to pillow therapy because he doesn't share my love. he thinks i've lost my mind when it comes to pillows. what's so cool about this website though is that you can make rugs too!
click these:

these little seats are so cute. it would be fun to mix and match.
click here

i am in LOVE with wallpaper. i have seen these two painted on a website but i can not recall where. i hate when that happens! i would love to do one of these in a playroom. i think it is very unique and cool. hope you agree too!

and i have posted before about wanting to get kane "old man" pjs but that i couldn't find any. that was before today! gap has them online! although i wanted white so i cold monogram his name on them but these are pretty cute. the red would be cute for christmas pjs. don't be surprised if you see them in our holiday photos!

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  1. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person obsessed with pillows. I swear I buy them all the time and my husband is getting so annoyed with me. I have tons thrown on the floor in Brody's room that I don't know what to do with. lol.

    Love all of the Ikea stuff and the links to the pillows you posted! Makes me want to redo my playroom. ha!

  2. Those jammies are so cute! I can't wait for yall to get back here so Ambs and Kane can play in that playroom :)

  3. I love all of your ideas! We have a white couch in our playroom and I love it-- you can clean anything off of white!


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