Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 month dr app

yesterday kane had his 9 month doctor app. we loved his new doctor and her staff. kane was flirting like crazy with her pretty nurses. she gave us the go ahead for kane to eat anything that we eat. i'm so excited to start him on real food! she also said that since he is over 20 lbs if we want we can front face his car seat.?? michael and i are going to have to discuss this. i know he is almost one and his feet are touching the seat when he's in his car seat but i dunno about this. i had even read that most doctors recommend you to wait until the children are 2. his little legs would never be able to do that but 9 months seems a little young. i am such a lame mom though because i forgot to snap a few pictures. the best i got was michael and k walking out of the office. lol.
kane weighs 22.2 lbs and is 28.5".

kane has never been a good sleeper and the other night i tried to lay him down but he just was not having it. i let him stay up a little longer (prob a big no no) with me in the lv when he started putting his head down on the floor and popping back up. (we have a game where i put my head down and snore then pop back up and say "wake-up." he thinks it's hilarious. but one time he put his head down and never came back up! he fell asleep on the floor! my sweet baby, i have a feeling the toddler years will not be fun.

we enjoyed lunch at PF. Changs on michael's day off and i let kane have some white rice. he loved it! i'm sure the waiter hated us because most of it ended up on the floor.

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