Tuesday, August 17, 2010

big boy bath

i finally agreed to give up kane's bath seat. it says to stop using it when your infant starts pulling up but kane never once tried getting out of it. needless to say bath time was a disaster without it!! he kept on crawling in the tub, trying to stand up, slipping and totally did a face plant. what do i do?? i want to use it but i don't want him or me to depend on it. before things got out of control last night i did manage to take a few pics!

today is kane's dentist appointment! i'm not sure how this is going to go. this kid is very strong-willed and won't hold still for long. wish us luck!

kane's birthday invites just got emailed to me and i'm in LOVE! i could not be happier. i can not wait to show you guys!

kane is slowly figuring out how to put the ball in the basketball hoop. such a smart boy but on another note he also makes out with the score board. in fact he makes out with himself too. he loves kissing himself in my door mirror. should i be worried he is going to be narcissistic? haha!

going in for a big wet one
look at that arm action! this kid doesn't waste time
i found the wallpaper pictures from my last post. i really am obsessed. they were on project nursery.

ummm.... can we say amazing? love the color combo too!

and is it just me or does etsy need "i would like to have this made- all interested in doing so please contact me" section. there are so many times where i have an idea but i can not find what i'm looking for. for example- i want a floor size custom puzzle for kane's birthday party. nothing crazy just a golf cart or something that says "kane's hole in 1." i have spent forever searching on etsy, contacting sellers and just the plain internet trying to find something. everything i have found has too many pieces or the puzzle is too small. i have a modge podge idea but i'm very skeptical if it will work.

while i'm on this "i wish" thing- i wish there was designated parking for mother WITH children. sorry pregnant mommies- but when your preg you need the exercise. when there are small children involved a curb side parking spot would be AMAZING!!! i know i only have 1 but i'm just thinking down the line. trying to corral lots of tots in a parking lot where it is 400 degrees outside is not fun. to give me credit i did used to babysit for a few families with 4 children.

i posted about the oh so adorable cookie monster shirt a week or so ago and ever since i have been searching for a shirt that is just as cute but not as expensive. well, today i found this.

seriously? i thought cookie monster ate cookies not donuts??? crazy. and "get smile donut" is that english? i may just get it because it's hilarious. i think the makers got a little confused.

i love these. why is this website so expensive???

a little late but who else thought farrah and sophia getting pedicures on teen mom was adorable. not sure it was the best thing?? can't be good for babies to smell all the fumes but still adorable!
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  1. I'm having that same bathtub problem with Bella. It's terrible! I finally pulled out her baby bath and put it on the counter and that's how she is getting her baths again. She already has one chipped front top tooth, don't want another one. Hope you figure something out!

    Love that wallpaper!!

    Good luck on Kane's 1st dentist appt.


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