Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dentist appointment failure

we went to the dentist technically- just didn't go in. believe me you wouldn't of either. i guess this is a draw back of being in a new city, a new state. i know nothing about parts of this town. i called my medical insurance company a couple weeks ago and asked for dentists in my area. they called off a few names and i called a few. first one- nothing available until oct 26. thanks but never mind. second call to small smiles. adorable name, new patient openings the following week. sign me up! called, spoke to the very nice receptionist and made an appointment. today comes, we get ready, brush his teeth for the tenth time (not really) and head out.
yuck. bad area and bad looking strip center. nobody ever said the FULL name of the place. small smiles dental CLINIC. ummm- no thanks. dentist appointment failure- big time. october 26 it is. so we turned around and went shopping. :)

kane and i went to target and found some great things. i originally purchased the grey and orange hoodie from old navy but i found almost the exact same thing but with brown stripes for $10 cheaper! that's a lot when you consider one was 16 and the other was 7!) i'll take that! plus it will be easier to match things to brown then grey.

then look what else i found! mini north face look-a-likes for $14!! plus it comes in orange! gotta love target.

i would of loved to get kane this but since he is wearing size 12-18 months and this only went up to 9 months i don't think i can squeeze his left bum bum in it. too cute for words.

more on my comment on mama parking spaces... i take back my "preg people need the exercise" comment. i was 9 months pregnant in november, not july so i can't talk. we just need mama parking WITH kiddos.

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  1. OMG!!! i am in LOVE with the mini "north face!" target here i come!!!!

  2. I am in LOVE with the dinosaur onesie... I was just at Target the other day and didn't see this. I'm wondering if it's because it gets colder sooner where you are, so maybe we'll get it in a few months? Hope so!

  3. omg must get that mini north face!!! you got that one at Target too?!?

    It's depressing seeing the new fall line of the itty bitty clothes:(

  4. i don't remember the last time i laughed so hard- talking about your dentist comment about the snake! LOL LOL!! That was too funny!


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