Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thursday- i think?

the cute little house i built for kane now lives in the dumpster. my little shark decided to take a bite out of the window. at least it lasted a few weeks. can't beat a million games of peek-a-boo for $14. after i tore it apart it occurred to me to take a picture. what is my deal? so lame with the whole picture thing.

i forgot to post about our "golf" green cake plate! we picked it up on monday and i'm happy with the way it turned out. orange would of been cuter but unfortunately orange doesn't go with the golf theme i'm trying to achieve.

very plain but that's the way i wanted it so i could use it for different things.

my little man has an increased interest in the tv lately. when we are home i have to admit i have the tv on for a little noise. it's so quiet with just the two of us. we don't "watch" it but while we play it's nice to have background noise. now kane seems to think he is supposed to watch it though. i have decided to try and keep "toddler tunes" on most of the day. i may be pulling my hair out after a few days.
don't get me wrong. i do turn it off for a couple hours a day but with daddy gone from 4:30am- 6pm that leaves LOTS of quiet time. i need to feel like there are other adults around me. lol

we came home from running around today and found a gift from kane's aunt ashley. she was in NY last week and went to FAO Schwarz. what a lucky little boy i have. it is a tent with lots of games on it. he loves it!

"hurry up mom!"

he loves it!

no new toy would be fun unless you can play peek-a-boo under it
i have been thinking a lot about the dentist appointment kane had yesterday and i think im having a change of heart. we have family friends that are dentists. the dad is a dentist, the son is a dentist and the son's ex-girlfriend (julie) is a pediatric dentist. it was after talking with julie that i made the original appointment. she said it's important for kids to see a dentist before they are 1. i was just following advice from her but i'm not so sure i want to expose kane to this right now. i'm so afraid it will traumatize him and make him fear the dentist. i spoke with her today about my fears and we agreed that as long as i brush his teeth and don't put him to bed with a bottle she would just peek inside his mouth while we are in town. no dentist office involved. i want this to be a positive experience for kane. healthy teeth are so important to me because bad teeth run in my family. i want to stay on top of kane's chompers in case he is doomed. (this all came about bc we got eye drops from his dr that we started last night and it took michael and i both to put them in. horrible experience. i feel so bad for kane that we have to do them 3 times a day.)
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  1. I can't wait to see all of the great golf-themed things you come up with for your little guys birthday!! It's going to be to die for cute.

  2. The picture of Kane under the tent with his little toesies peeking out is the MOST precious thing! I love his big smile- so adorable!


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