Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100 things

to follow along with meredith here are a 100 things about me:

1. i'm afraid of the dark

2. the first time i met my husband we did not click- 1 year later we did

3. his dad was a dr where i worked and brought him up just to meet me :)

4. i love my son and hubby so much it hurts

5. i want baby #2 right now but we are trying to wait. ugh

6. i so badly want a girl- when i was 15 i dreamed about her and i know exactly what she will look like. lol

7. im obsessed with etsy

8. chipotle is my favorite

9. sometimes michael cooks- he is a great cook! so much better then me although i try so hard.

10. i love the concept of martha stewart. i want to be her

11. gap baby is a jamie magnet

12. i have 13,000 pictures on my computer. mostly all of kane

13. i totaled my dad's golf cart while i was driving him around by hitting a tree

14. my aunt and i are very close

15. i found out i was pregnant on the way home from dallas and was so surprised (yes, on the way home. my husband was convinced and could not wait)

16. i have always wanted to be a mom

17. i changed high schools my junior year. so hard to do

18. i can not wait for kane's 1st birthday party!

19. i love white wine but have only had about 8 glasses since i had kane (3 of those glasses were when my MIL came to visit)

20. i love sending my husband pics of kane throughout the day since he works so much

21. i really want a pair of over the knee flat black boots

22. or just mid-calf ones

23. my wedding was perfect. would not change a thing

24. michael and i have not had a "date" since kane was born- wow, that's almost a year

25. i LOVE apple products (iphones, mac...)

26. i'm addicted to fruit and pasta

27. we have home-made chinese food almost every night

28. i hate sweating

29. my husband thinks i'm a hoarder bc of all of kane's party stuff. lol

30. that being said i am very organized

31. i love blonde hair on me

32. i love my husband's black hair

33. i want another baby- did already say that? lol

34. being practical stinks

35. i want to buy all new furniture

36. in high school, i babysat like it was going out of style

37. i wanted to work at a local tanning salon but my dad would not let me

38. my dad was so protective and i secretly loved it

39. i have had 5 cars

40. hobby lobby employees recognize me thanks to kane's party

41. nordstrom employees used to know me by name before baby. wow priorities have changed.

42. i already have kane's 2nd party planned

43. i have SOOOO many ideas for baby #2

44. i love my car

45. i was a freak about food and drinks when i was pregnant- my husband was awesome and did the same when we were together so it was easier on me. love him for that.

46. i planned my wedding in a month

47. i was so proud to be totally independent when i was 22. bought my very first car on my own at 21. such a great feeling. i want to give my kids that.

48. i love reading to kane

49. i hate talking on the phone

50. my ex-room-mate stole so many things from me, horrible experience

51. i hate being by myself overnight

52. my husband and i talk about baby names at least once a week

53. i totaled my first car. not my fault. it was a pile up on the freeway because a ladder fell off a truck

54. i miss my dad

55. it is going to be 30 degrees tomorrow night. this will not be a fun winter

56. my toes are always cold

57. i love snuggling with kane

58. french vanilla with a drop of coffee is the best

59. i hardly ever eat breakfast although i love breakfast food

60. ice tea is my favorite drink

61. i can not wait to pull out my jessica simpson christmas cd.

62. i look forward to the day when kane and i can do crafts and cook fun stuff

63. since my hubby works so much i never put make-up on

64. when i worked i had to get up at 5- i don't miss that

65. i don't drink milk

66. benihanas is my favorite place to eat

67. i'm falling in love with the color kelly green

68. i love personal pictures. especially old black and white ones of my past relatives

69. i have shattered 2 iphones

70. most of our belongings are in storage and i miss them

71. i love looking at party blogs

72. i wish i loved working out

73. i used to hate my knuckles bc they are big but now i love them bc they are just like my dads

74. december is not a good month for me.

75. although i love christmas

76. my parents were 15 years apart

77. i like watching wendy williams

78. my husband and i watch the office every night

79. cougar town is a must

80. i love selling stuff on ebay- it feels like free money

81. i've never been away from kane at night

82. i'm never sick

83. michael and i both want 4 kids

84. i have to get out of the house at least once a day even if it's to get gas

85. i love white or black cars- nothing else. my husband always jokes he is going to surprise me with a silver car

86. i can not wait until my husband is done with residency. for so many reasons!

87. i used to want multiples (baby multiples)

88. i wanted to have a natural birth but after the first contraction i changed my mind

89. i hate taking medicine

90. sunglasses are so hard to find bc i have a narrow face

91. i love teaching kane new things

92. i get bored during movies

93. growing up i was always the first girl to fall asleep at sleepovers

94. i love "my time" at night after my boys have gone to bed

95. i think invitations should be fabulous

96. i enjoy doing laundry. especially baby laundry

97. i love food- i'm currently craving a salad from wendy's. lol

98. i love winter clothes and accessories but i hate being cold

99. my husband is my bff

100. i love leaving my husband random notes

i am very blessed

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  1. you are so cute and I am convinced we could be GREAT friends one day if you and your hubby ever make it back to Houston!!

  2. I love number 88! From all of these I can tell how much you love your family. Too sweet!

  3. mr. and I watch the office every night too. i love tuesdays on tbs!


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