Sunday, September 26, 2010

loser. hospital trip.

i was a big fat loser this weekend. the susan g komen race was this past saturday and we didn't make it. michael ended up being home but for some reason we all slept in until 9:30. i had my alarm set but obviously didn't do it right or didn't hear it. my two boys both had stuffy noses so they needed the sleep. that i am thankful for. kane's pedi assures us that kids don't develop allergies this early but i think otherwise. i have added M.D. the back of my name so i know i'm right. ha! he sneezes EVERY TIME he goes outside and this is the second time his nose has been backed up since we have been in ohio. i think something is in the air. i have also had to pull the bibs out again. he drools like crazy. maybe (hopefully) more teeth are coming in.

reason 2 i am a loser- even though we slept in saturday we still managed to make it to swim lessons and since michael was with us again he got in. lol to top it off i forgot my camera so i just looked like a loser mom standing on the sidelines. let me defend myself- i have looked and looked for a bathing suit that is appropriate and no stores up here have anymore left. i refuse to pay a lot because well lets face it, next week kane will be half way done with the lessons. i would sooo wear my bikini but these moms already give me the evil eye. not because i don't get in but because they are all like 40 and just don't like me. ok, maybe i'm exaggerating a bit but they scare me.

sunday night kane and i went to the hospital to visit michael. it was fun seeing where he works and sleeps when he's on call. they had a radiation therapy department and i so badly wanted to be "that person" who asks for a tour just because i am a radiation therapist. lol what can i say- im interested in what machines ohio oncology departments are using.
i wanted to bake the guys cookies but i knew michael would be embarrassed. it has only taken him 3 months to feel comfortable enough to bring us up. maybe i'll surprise him with halloween cookies. :) the more he resists the dorkier the cookies will look. ha!

such a proud daddy!! notice the long sleeves and jeans. it's getting chilly!!

checking out the hospitals magazines
forget the magazine- he spotted the pepsi machine
"hey where's my drink?"
reindeer antlers at hobby lobby. is that a fist pump i see?
little man passed out in the car
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