Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy birthday chelsea!!!!

happy 27th birthday chelsea! it's been 10 years since we met!! wow! we are getting so old! i hope you have the best birthday ever! i wish i was there to celebrate with you. you are one of the most beautiful people inside and out that i have ever met!

here is a longggggg walk down memory lane. i'm missing the first few years because they are in storage but some of these times are the best!

christmas dinner 2007- i think
somehow we even managed get arrested that night :)
my birthday 2008? your infamous pirate shirt. ha! i remember you ironing the bow with your straightener!
fun times in austin! kelly and i wearing our "wing" shirts

we know how to have fun!
we drink good wine that was made just for us!!!
we are so crazy when we get together and start drinking. who doesn't take a (multiple) 7th grade picture when your 24? lol remember the glass of red wine you spilled on my couch because of ellie??!!! good times.

kelly and i came up to visit you- i think kelly would say i'm a crazy driver. we missed the turn a couple times!
doesn't my hair look fabulous?? you did it for me so i could have a puff like you! lol
we (i) almost pulled down the curtain trying to get a funny picture- where's kelly??
we love to ride stray armadillo's
why am i the only one doing spirit fingers??? come on ladies, get it together please!
we celebrated your birthday with louis who HAD to be on something illegal!
the 3 blondes- i think this was the night you and kelly took pictures of me sleeping. oh and i yelled out "michael" in my sleep! lol i'll spare myself the sleeping picture.
nikki's lake house. i was so scared of the deer!
"i don't burn. i just tan!!!"- chelsea. if by tan you mean burn then you were right. lobster.
"lets make this into a workout!"-me
who put all that alcohol in there???
pre-pregnancy me but you can't tell in this pic!
new years 2009
legally blonde the play! you just announced that you were having a BABY!!! much to our surprise so was i!!!

kelly's birthday celebration
my wedding

your wedding- just 2 weeks later

my baby shower- "i heard if you take a picture looking up you don't look as big!!!"- chelsea. don't think it worked on me!

we met each other's babies just 1 week after kane was born. ambs was 1 month! we like to do things back to back apparently. what's with their full head of dark hair??? don't they know we are blonde!! they look like little chipmunks! remember kane sucking on amberly's arm! so funny!

already dragging the babies to our girls nights when they were just 1 month old! the matching outfits were by accident... right??? lol

baking cookies at kelly's 2009

play-date. look at these party animals. they are out of control!

center;">kelly's wedding- "boots with the furrrrrrr"

kane's baptism and the day you moved back to houston!

a chopped off chelsea- mamas feeding their babies

we have been through and celebrated so many things together! i hope you have a great birthday! i miss you and love you! can't wait to see you in a month!
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  1. such great memories! But i think you forgot the taxi night! hahaha :) I love you so much and so thankful for our friendship and can not wait to see you and little man SOON!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  2. Found your blog for the 1st time. I read this post and I was laughing like I knew you all... so fun to have great girlfriends!!! Visting from AZ :) You are all beautiful!


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