Friday, September 24, 2010

have you heard?

i was just watching E and they played a little snip-it of carrie underwood's new song- oh my. i found it on you tube and it is a tear jerker. it's carrie telling her mom that she found the guy her mom always wanted for her. that he would take care of her and she didn't have to worry anymore.

being a new mom it really hit home. i know i have a boy but raising a boy into a man i think is harder then a raising girl. i want my son to be the guy mom's want for their daughters. i want him to be a man of god, a hardworking, devoted husband and father who provides a good home for his family. there are so many things i want michael and i to teach kane. not only how to change a tire and be financially responsible but how to clean, cook and do laundry. i want him to always be respectful to women and be able to help around the house and not expect things.

and as a daughter- my mom knows michael is a great husband and father. that kane and i are his number 1 priority. he works so hard for us and does everything for us. it feels so good knowing that i found my "great guy" and that he is with me in my journey through life. i love you michael!

a lady i used to work with had twins that recently graduated college and got married. she would mention that no matter what what they were going through- leaving for college, moving out on their own, getting married... she never got sad (in front of them anyways). she wouldn't cry. she thought it was a selfish thing and she wanted that moment to be their moment. their moment they had worked so hard far. she was excited for them to live out their dream. i love that! who knows if i can do the same but i like the basis behind it. the moments aren't about you. i feel like i learned so much about parenting and the type of mother i want to be from her.

anyways... here's what you've been waiting for... so good!!!!

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