Tuesday, September 7, 2010

enchiladas and 25% off @ endless.com

last night i made homemade enchiladas. they were to die for!!! i accidentally got red enchilada sauce instead of green but still very yummy! i would have taken a picture but they did not look very pretty or healthy.

i got an email this am from endless.com. they are having a 25% off sale with free shipping and returns so go get you some new shoes. i'm thinking i'll get kane these. i wish they had these or these though. RL just released these and they are adorable! i can not wait until endless gets them this year!
oh the code is FRIEND25. happy shoe shopping!

as our trip to houston approaches i am trying to come up with outfits for kane to wear for his 1 year pics. i saw these a few months ago on etsy and i think we will have to get one.

maybe one of them paired with this?

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  1. Those ties are to die for cute! Are they from Etsy?

  2. The ties are too cute! Where did you find them?


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