Tuesday, September 7, 2010


am i the only 13 year old in the blogging world who watches "teen mom?" lol i could just squeeze maci's son bentley. he is so adorable! but i was crying right along with maci as she talked about custody agreements with her ex-boyfriend. it makes me so sad to know people have to do that. i can not imagine being away from kane. breaks my heart.

the other day kane and i went into a scrap booking store to pick up some paper and i came across holiday paper and i had a great idea. kane is too young for it now but how fun would it be to get fun paper and stickers and have them laminated to make personalized place mats? they had tons of cute paper! can't wait!

i got kane a new white tee and pink fabric to make kane his susan g komen shirt for the breast cancer walk and today michael got some news and he won't be able to join us. bummer. i'm trying to decide if kane and i should attempt it ourselves. i am kind of nervous because i don't know the downtown area at all. maybe we will just donate and not walk. not ideal at all. who knows what i'll end up doing.

i have 2 great ideas involving paint, upcoming holidays, kane and shirts. after last weeks attempt in making grandparent gifts i'm very skeptical. they are too cute to not try. wish me luck. i will post pics.

i got a very special phone call today- a lady i used to work with called to catch up. she has children my age so she was/is more like a mother figure to me. she witnessed me grow from a single girl to a mom. i look up to her so much plus she always gave the best advice. i can't wait to go visit when we are in town!

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  1. i love teen mom - i was going to write about them today too lol shocking we both like that show haha i feel so bad for Kaitlyn and all of those girls, they're babies raising babies!

  2. I love teen mom!! :) Bentley is adorable. Love the breast cancer shirt. You are just so crafty!!


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