Wednesday, September 8, 2010

today kane is 10 months old!

my sweet boy you are 10 months old today! here's what you are up to-

you are starting to say "ba" when you want a bottle

you mimic us when we do things

if we waive and say "hey" you'll raise your arm up too and laugh!

still have 6 teeth- 4 on top and two on bottom

you LOVE reading books- when we are done reading you actually start fussing

you say mama when you want something and dada when you are playful- should my feelings be hurt? ha

you have decided you want real food. you won't touch baby food anymore

you love being outside. if we go out for a second you make it clear you are not ready to come back in

your new favorite thing is to sit in my lap and drink your bottle- i love it!

when your great grandpa (my grandfather) saw this picture he started crying! he can't believe how big and handsome you are!

my BIG boy! i swear you look so much older then 10 months!

running around the yard

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  1. I remember you talking about Kane having Eczema. How bad was it and what helped clear it up? Connor has it BAD on his back and I just discovered it. It sits where the diaper covers it above his toosh so I never noticed it until bath time the other night. Help!

  2. omg he is getting way too big! We need to see him asap!


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