Thursday, September 9, 2010

broken iphone

yesterday kane learned how to open the cabinets in the kitchen. i'm thrilled. not. so now he can open the fridge and the cabinets. this will be a fun, cold winter.

speaking of winter, it is cold here at night! it's so crazy to walk outside and already need a lightweight jacket. when michael left this morning he said it was 54 degrees!

on the way out the door yesterday i did this...

fabulous. my sis-in-law knows a place in houston that can replace iphone screens for cheap but since we are in ohio that is not much help. not quite sure what to do. i don't care to get a brand new iphone but this won't work for too long. ugh.

i hate to brag but we have a h & m minutes away from our house and i am addicted! they have the cutest baby clothes and they are cheap. cheap. cheap. i'm talking 4.95 for a sweater. when we move i sure will miss them.

i am in the process of making kane a pumpkin shirt for when we go to the pumpkin patch! i can't wait!

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  1. SO jealous you have an H &M... I have always wanted to go to one. For some reason recently, there have been a lot of commercials for it here, i'll have to check if we're getting one!


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