Sunday, September 12, 2010

clap your hands!

i have been singing this song to kane 20 times a day for the past 2 months in hopes he would catch on to the whole clapping thing- and today he did!!!! i am so excited!!

(clap while you sing)
there is mommy who has a baby
and kane is his name-o
and kane is his name-o

i am such a proud mama!!

mama wilson- i now know what you were talking about. kane had his first swim lesson on saturday and there was no one in a bikini. i was too chicken to get in the water myself so i sent the hubby in this week. lol he can't be with us every time so i thought i would take advantage of it. plus i got some cute pics of day 1. but i am freaking out about next week! there are 3 other kids in the class and the moms all wore 1 piece bathing suits. do i go get a 1 piece? i am not looking forward to it! if my bitty didn't LOVE the 1st one i would consider skipping. not really but it helps emphasize my pain.

kane was like a fish! he loved it. he did amazingly well! he was obsessed with the instructor though. i have so many pictures of kane staring at him. so funny yet embarrassing. i kept on apologizing to the guy.

my little nugget was passed out as we walked inside for day #1
an exercise with sponges to introduce them to the water
then we had to pour water over his face instead of dunking him since he was a rookie

he had to reach for the ball

then kick his legs

"look mom, i'm floating!!"
haha. i told you. he did this the whole time!!!

can't wait for next week!! as soon as i figure out my swimsuit ordeal

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  1. I just sent you an email about really cute one pieces at Neimans. I say order one! When we did swim lessons last summer, I didn't have one either-- I ended up wearing a maternity tankini the next week because I was so clueless on what to do with all of the other one pieced mama's. BUT, there are some SUPER CUTE options out there, so hurry to and get one on sale-- Juicy, Marc Jacobs, etc.

    Okay, and the picture of Kane staring at the instructor-- so funny and precious!! He's a good listener :)

  2. THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Love this :)

  3. ahh, so glad that someone experienced the bikini dilemma! but, like my mom told me - if you can wear it, do it:) i wore my bikini every week and by the end of the session, other moms were commenting that they wish they could too.

    so glad kane is loving the water. you'll love it even more when you get in the water with him:)

  4. Too cute!! We did swimming lessons this spring too, and most moms were in one piece or tankini. Don't will look fab in anything.

  5. I would say rock the bikini if you are comfortable! No need to worry about what others are wearing. Btw.. thanks for the info about CeraVe. It is totally working and since keeping Connor moisturized, my hands feel wonderful, too!


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