Monday, September 13, 2010

revenge of the dragon boy

I have had my heart set on a Tom Arma halloween costume for some time now. I just don't like the Tom Arma prices.

I can't justify spending $55 on an outfit kane will wear for about 30 minutes. maybe I would splurge if we had family around us to see our adorable little trick-or-treater but we don't. As much as my heart breaks in saying my little man will not be an elephant or a rhino this year, he will be a dragon. maybe not the cutest but I LOVE the tail.

I saw it as we were shopping at old navy so I put it on him just to make sure it fit, snapped a pic to get a thumbs up or down from the hubs and we were set. $17 later my baby rhino is a ferocious dragon. don't hold me to this though. I may change my mind. haha! up date- I'm debating on an elephant I saw on ebay. ugh. I hate that I can never make a decision. to be continued....

I would love to try these for my little family but I'm afraid I would eat them all myself.


  1. the dragon is so cute! my cousin was a dragon when i was little and looked so cute in the old pics! I was thinking today, are yall going to be here for bake fest?

  2. love the dragon! I cannot decide on Jackson's costume at all. The weather may not be cool by then, and most costumes seem too hot!

  3. The dragon is the best!!! I sent everyone the video you guys sent us and everyone LOVED it!!!!!! Too cute! :)


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